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Spongebob Square Pants and all his friends at the UKs only Nickelodeon Land are having a party in May when the attraction celebrates its first birthday!

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Blackpool Pleasure beach wristbands link below .here just a few of the rides in blackpool also See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool


Prepare for an exhilarating infusion of the elements, soar to amazing heights and be taken through a whirlwind water experience to amaze and astound the senses. Five incredible loops plus a double line twist await you on our thrilling suspended looping coaster.

unlimited ride wristbands and junior wristbands accepted at blackpool pleasure beach. See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool


Climb into your own bobsled car and hold tight for the twisting tracks of Avalanche. Each train reaches speeds of up to 50mph as it races down a 1160ft long course. As the UK's only bobsled coaster it's a must ride for any adrenaline seeker visiting blackpool Pleasure Beach. See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool


blackpool pleasure beach 

Big Dipper

With five awesome drops and a host of twisting and banked turns the Big Dipper is a classic wooden rollercoaster.
See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool


What a diamond! This towering ride offers a whirling sensation as your lifted a whopping 100 feet above the ground and spun through the air on giant glittering gondolas in three different directions at speeds of 60mph! With its constant spins and flips you're guaranteed for white knuckle thrills on our Bling extravaganza. See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool

Grand National

This classical racing roller coaster has been thrilling riders since 1935 with its competitive edge. Once your train has been dispatched from the art deco station, the battle is on as you compete with the contending coaster train on parallel tracks. Whilst we cant guarantee which side wins we can guarantee the ultimate thrills onboard Europe's first twin track racing coaster. See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool

Ice Blast
Feel the ultimate rush on the ice cool Ice Blast. Let the suspense build as you sit waiting for the ride to catapult you up its steel tower at speeds of 80mph. Whilst catching your breath at the top try and take in the stunning views of Pleasure Beach but be quick, what goes up must come down! See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool

Irn Bru Revolution
Get ready for the rush of Irn Bru Revolution. With wicked acceleration the train is launched out of the station and speeds straight for the loop. You think it's over you are launched backwards and relive the incredible G's all over again!. See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool

Pepsi Max Big One
Brace yourself for The Big One, Pleasure Beach biggest, fastest, scariest coaster will have you shaking in anticipation and screaming in delight. At a towering height of 235 ft it holds the crown as one of Europe's tallest rollercoaster's offering three adrenaline packed minutes of coasting. See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool

Swing your leg over your very own horse and get ready for a race with jumps, twists and turns. Steeplechase is a three lane steel coaster where there can only be one winner!. See new rides at Nickelodeon land pleasure beach blackpool

Embark on a watery journey through ice, fire, wind and snow on Valhalla. The effects are breathtaking and the drops thrilling. A must ride for anyone visiting the Pleasure Beach on the world's biggest indoor dark ride, Valhalla, See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool

Wild Mouse
Not for the faint-hearted! This hair-raising coaster will take you on a wild trip up and down steep drops before whizzing round a seemingly endless array of bends. See new rides at Nickelodeon land Blackpool

blackpool pleasure beach 

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